Saggitarian Nexus


The crew, at this point comprised of Adair, Aosid, Arista, Caelyn, Celeborn, Marus, Rhuvanna, Taskar, and Tavarius, are taken unawares to Calmachia’s island where Taskar has a strange conversation with the forge about “bettering” things. That done, the team hits the high seas. After a bit, they put The Captain’s Pajamas into port at Vralkek in Droaam for supplies. They were greeted strangely by a wide variety of folk that founnd the combination of elves and other [monstrous?] races in the party confounding. While shopping for ritual components for Arista’s new dragonmark-given abilities, they learned of a traditional yearly footrace occurring the next morning, the grand prize being a carver! Or as Arista strangely describes them, “dinos!” Without second thought, the Eladrin enters the race. The rest of the group do their best to keep her alive and other people behind her. After much struggle and surprise help from an orc identifying himself as one of the Kasarin, Arista takes the day, the gold, the dino, and the strange ale! Set for the time being, and with a new member of the team, the group heads north, planning to stop on Marsharian shores when next supplies are needed.


Nexus_DM Taskar

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