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Leaving the Garden of Graves

We were all right on our last legs by the time the corrupted body of the dragon Angot went down, and every round that needed to go our way did. Caelyn pulled a Legolas and nailed the thing in the head, from on its back, with a point blank shot and Arista rolled about 8 crits. The last words spoken before it died were, “Guys, I only have at-wills left. Ok, Twin Strike.”

We figured out the last little bit of the riddle and discovered all the runes about were some sort of eldritch energy funnel, though we don’t know where it was funneling. When we switched it off, there was a flash and something both ancient and eternal started howling and was immediately silenced. When we came to, we were in the feywild jungle, the graveyard apparently returned to the middle realm.

We decided to make our way to the Gloaming where stories mention strong crossover points, in the hope of getting back right away. We came across a lot of creepy fauna, including a Yoda-like little gnome and [on separate occasions], a psychic hag with trolls [and blasted regen]. Apparently she’s “been watching us,” wanted to “test” us, and thought we’d “do just fine.” We scared her off, finished the encounter, and are set to start tracking her, apparently because we’re tired of bullshit.

Eventually, she spilled the beans: she makes trolls, and one got intelligent and stole an artifactual crown [perhaps not in that order] that she wants back. I don’t remember what we get in exchange. Hopefully something. The artifact attracts or is fueled by the souls of great dead. It sounded like it wasn’t something we wanted a hag to have.

Back in Eberron, we got Kasarin’s lady rezzed and back to the boat safely. She’s the cook, now. A colony in the Demon Wastes had been destroyed while we were gone [about 2 months] and a number of Houses Tharashk and Lyrandar members were stranded with the boat. We dropped them off on the way to Calmachia and got an offer to become Tharashk mercs to run supplies around the western end of the continent. Unusual activity in the Demon Wastes, but then what isn’t. Went to Calmachia and
Taskar got his wingalings in the form of fleshforged remnants from the forge’s dragon form.

Shae was there and informed us that The Eyes struck against Cannith too late. The House was in
the process of leaving the city [or nation] and Brelish forces really only caused minor interference. Shortly thereafter, Thrane and Karrnath started fielding warforged armies, enough to reasonably conclude that Cannith has a forge and is in full production. Both nations started skirmishes with Breland and Shae doesn’t know if the war’s back on or what. Specifically, Thrane raided some border villages and Breland was either unwilling or unable to defend or retaliate. Best case scenario, Shae says maybe Cannith/Thrane has something on the king to prevent him from acting. Worst case scenario, the Brelish king is dead.

After Cannith left Sharn, warforged came out of the woodworks. Shae suspects Cannith had intended to conquer the city as proof of concept to future buyers, but because they were run out early, it
mostly just caused havoc. All the nobles and House Enclaves that could fled, leaving the entire
upper tier deserted. It doesn’t sound like warforged are a problem anymore so much as anarchy.
The Ghallanda enclave started offering sanctuary until it was forced to seal up against the
hordes and Kundarak is under siege.

We grabbed Shae and 7 or 8 Eyes members, everyone he had left, and sailed to Zilargo where we hired a legit crew so Celeborn and Marris could stay mobile. We also stocked up on magic items.
From there, the party and Shae and his boys magic circled into the Eyes’ old headquarters in Sharn. The plan is to secure Ghallanda for humanitarian purposes, then raid a bunch of old Cannith caches to see if we can secure documents explaining what’s going on, then secure Kundarak, and finally, retake Sharn.


Nexus_DM Taskar

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