The Bookhouse Boys

The Bookhouse Boys is an import/export business owned by Kyr and run out of Cliffport.

Upon their arrival in Cliffport, The Nexus was employed by The Bookhouse Boys to deliver a shipment to Thardis.


The business is run out of a three story structure nestled within the lower district of the city, amid a maze of similar ramshackle structures.

The first story entrance is taken up by a reception room, behind which are a flight of stairs leading up and down. Around the stairs is a small storage room.

The second story is dominated by a long hallway that leads to two rooms. At end opposite the stairs is a barred door to the outside.

The third story is Kyr’s office, and the only room in the building with any windows.

The basement is an open expanse, filled along two walls with hammocks for guests. A kitchen can be found in one corner, opposite a small lounge/library area.

The Bookhouse Boys

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