The nexus has recently and illicitly taken control of a sailing ship, marking themselves as the only confirmed pirates yet to be encountered.

Additional Piratical Elements in The Saggitarian Nexus:

People that might be pirates:

Arista recently affected a piratical accent and acquired a pirate-y hat. She is also very fond of shiny things, especially gold pieces, or “booty.”

Taskar Rence, like most of The Nexus, really wants an airship, and is open in his general support of looting. He also once wielded a Scimitar

Aosid and Prince both sport eye patches, a decidedly piratical item.

Kyr owns a slightly shady business, and lacks only a salt-crusted boat.

A doppleganger posing as Rettissh escaped with several boxes of scrolls, riding a speeding cart in a very piratical fashion.

Places you might find pirates:

Cliffport is a giant sea port, surely pirates must frequent the cove city. This is also where the Nexus themselves became pirates.

There are no pirates in Winterhaven.


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