Saggitarian Nexus

Session 2

Ambushed a second time, the party leads several kobolds to their graves, and one to someone else’s grave. Oddly themed jewelry is found.

Tact and discretion couldn’t stop a ragged excavation team from throwing themselves on the party’s swords. More fun Orcus trinkets worry those who keep track of this stuff.

The townsfolk rejoice! Free corn and free pie of questionable value is to be had, the goodwill continuing as long as the good folk of Winterhaven think you’ll all be dead in the morning. The party’s investigative abilities are put to the test when they mortally terrify an old man, and receive vaguely unsettling answers from the town sage.

Irontooth is pursued to his rather interesting waterfall hideout. More kobolds are slaughtered wantonly. Confronted by the cave ahead, the party considers the time honored tradition of killing all those within and taking their stuff.

Session 1
Session 1/1.5

Session(s) 1/1.5

THRILL! – At the Surprise [round] that occurs when the party notices strange footsteps on the road.

GASP! – As everyone dies a horrible death as a result of being mentally linked into a single consciousness!

WONDER! – As time reverses itself, our heroes are brought back to life, and dole out judicious justice to the shifty kobold brigands!

TIRE! – As the party gleans secrets such as the location of the tavern, and the identity of the mayor, and the cost of a room for the evening!

SCREAM! – As the warlord casually dismisses the mayor’s plea for help and the party barely restrains their oddly socially inclined wizard!

RECOIL! – As an old scholar blathers about archeology!


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