Better Than You


Arista is 5’10”, slender (about140 lbs.) and strikingly beautiful. Her hair is long and pearly, almost white, though in the sun, it seems to shine with opalescent hues. Her pupil-less eyes are violet, and her skin is creamy. She has a few tattoos covering her collarbone and winding across her shoulders and down her arms to the tips of her ring fingers. Her hair is tied back with a leather circlet that seems to be cut from the same material as her armor. Her armor is made from a dark brown leather with intricate knots stamped into the surface, and brass rivets along the edges. It ties around her neck like a choker with a halter-top that connects with brass rings. She wears bracers on her forearms and a large, thick belt slung low over one hip that is laden with her lock-picking implements, shuriken, and daggers. Across her back, she has tied her longsword. Her leather pants look like she just cut a few wide strips of hide and lashed them onto herself in chunks, leaving joints where the pieces are connected with more brass rings and strips of leather. Her boots are very dark brown, almost black, and come midway up her calf. The only piece of jewelry she owns hangs around her neck on a leather strap. It is a plain copper medallion, about 1/2” in diameter, with something stamped on it, though it has mostly been worn away.

She recently became the proud owner of a +1 Duelist’s Dagger. Shiny.


Very little is known about Arista:

1. As far as anyone else is concerned, she only has the one name.

2. She takes more joy in beating others at their own game than in anything else life has to offer.

3. She is very quiet and reserved, excepting, of course, any time that she either gets drunk or has just bested someone.

She was in the tavern, watching the dragonborn “convince” the halfling to join his questing party when the half-elf joined up. She found this amalgamation of races and personalities rather hilarious, and quietly sneaked up behind the dragonborn, dagger drawn, and quickly pulled him into a headlock, her blade at his throat. “Do you have need of a rogue’s skills?” Furiously surprised, but also realizing that she’d gotten the drop on him, he replied, “Hah! I’m not entirely sure we do, but as I’m positive you’ll kill me if I refuse, what choice do I have? Still, you’ve certainly proven yourself adept…” “Ah, but you overestimate my bloodlust. Anyway, I accept. And, I win!” Thoroughly confused by her final addendum, the dragonborn shook his head, rubbed his neck, and glanced at the other two. “Guess we’re stuck with her…” They shrugged, and in so doing, sealed their fates.

Dun Dun Dunnnn!


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