Astranth is a blue dragon with whom the Nexus has had mixed dealings. The dragon introduced himself on the road outside of Winterhaven, seeking aid in the rescue of his captured hatchling. It was during the execution of this rescue that the Nexus first encountered Kyr, as well as a certain meddlesome doppelganger.

The Nexus has also worked for Astranth through The Bookhouse Boys, defeating a young white dragon living in an abandoned castle near Cliffport so that Astranth could gain access to the dead wyrmling’s horde.

During their expedition through an unearthed creation forge, the Nexus learned that Astranth may have ties to the sentience in control of the forge.

Aosid carries an enchanted pendant once owned by Kyr, used by Astranth to locate those he associates with. Taskar was previously in possession of such a pendant, before disposing of it.


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