Caelyn Kasarin

An elven archer-ranger, sworn to vengeance against dragonkin and to retribution from an epic fail.


HP: 45

Healing Surges: 10

Equipped: Cor’s Vengeance, Standard Arrows, Greatsword

Mount: Ruvanna

Mount Equipment: Ghost Bridle

Trained In: Acrobatics, Endurance, Nature, Perception, Stealth


Caelyn Kasarin (Elven translation: Arrow-bringer dragon-seeker) is a bold, often reckless archer ranger. His family shares a long history of fiery battles with dragons, and he was born and raised to slay the scaled creatures. For many years, he hunted across the lands, quickly gaining the experience of elves much older than he, though perhaps not their wisdom. He has a hatred for the unnatural—fell-creatures, dragonborn, half-bloods, and most any creature that isnt a human, elf, or dwarf.

Caelyn, then at a mid-twenties level, had been tracking the red dragon Angont for several months. Having slain the beasts mate and destroyed the eggs of future chaotic evil, Caelyn had the beast on the run. That was, until the dragon managed to find Caelyn’s home village, burning most of it to the ground before Caelyn arrived just hours behind. Most of the elven villagers had fled to nearby woods, but Angont had captured one in particular—the elven maiden Venora Ruvanna (Elven: Peaceflower dream-forest). She was Caelyn’s love, and the stark contrast between her gentle form and the bloody claws that held her struck Caelyn deeper than any physical blow. Seeing no opportunity to neutralize the dragon without threatening his lover, Caelyn offered the dragon an Epic Deal. Let her go, and he would bestow all his wealth and XP to the vile beast.

Angont, typical of a greedy red, was quick to take him up on the bargain. The sky darkened, and a cautious exchange of blood sealed the deal. Caeyln felt his hard-earned skills and abilities drain from his body as he was reduced to a level 1 ranger, while the dragon swelled with the newfound power. Caeyln demanded the beast release her. The dragon chuckled, and with a quick flick of his wrist, snapped the lady elf in two and dropped her on the ground.

“I agreed to let her go. But I never said she’d be alive when I did.” Angont uttered slyly.

Caelyn fell to his knees, heart-broken, physically-drained. The dragon let out a great roar of laughter and triumph. A tear feel from Caelyn’s eye, but before it had hit the ground, he was driven by a mad fury, and blindly charged the fowl beast. Having no chance to beat the dragon’s AC, Caelyn avenged his fallen mistress with a critical hit, right to the beast’s heart.

Shrieking in pain, the dragon turned to fly away. But alas, Caeyln’s arrow had struck true, and the beast fell dead out of the sky after a few hundred yards. (The XP dinged him to level 2 then and there.) The elf, standing there amidst his burning village, could not fathom the life-changing events that had just transpired. His vision went dark and he began to fall to the ground. The last thing he saw was a small band of conniving goblins approaching the village from a distance, probably looking to loot what was left. Then everything went black.

When Caelyn awoke, he sensed that he was in some sort of underground dungeon. Outside his cell, his captors were discussing their fortunes—apparently they had just traded some worthless gold pieces to a goblin ally in exchange for an elven slave, presumably Caelyn. They sauntered over to check on him, but when they cracked the door open, he bolted out of the room, grabbing a nearby sword, quiver, and arrows, and fled into the darkness, in a direction he hoped was up toward the surface. He was making alot of noise, which seemed to wake some sort of moaning creatures around him in the dark, but eventually he saw a faint light coming from underneath a nearby door. Mistaking the sunrod’s light for real sunlight, he charged through the door, knocking over whoever was listening on it and discovering a group of brave adventurers. One of them was the dragonborn Taskar Rence, whom he nearly killed on the spot. However, figuring they probably had a better idea of where they were that he did, he decided to tag along for a bit.

And so our adventure begins…

Caelyn was robbed of most of his possessions during his goblin captivity, but he’s never needed much more than his weaponry skills to be an effective hunter. He is 5’5”, 130 pounds, so on the smaller side, even for an elf. His wide shoulders and large upper body muscles, earned from years of marksmanship and swordsmanship, make his presence seem much larger. Having no shoes or chest armor, his sole clothing involves his earth-brown leather plain leather pants. Spanning nearly the entirety of his back is a large tatoo of a dragon. Unlike most tatoos of the scaly creatures however, this one appears to be slowly dying or being slain, countless arrows protruding from it. The ink used for this was of a special elven mixture, and the colors tend to take on those of the surroundings, acting in a sort of chameleon effect and aiding Caelyn in his stealthy ways.

Even Caelyn’s face makes him look like a hunter. His glowing orange eyes dance like fire, and his pointed ears stand quite far out, like a cat on the prowl. Despite his bright white hair, it is difficult to distinguish Caeyln from a group—your eyes tend to skip over him. When he doesn’t want to be seen, he can almost hide in plain sight.

Caelyn Kasarin

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