Leader of a smuggling operation near Thardis


Rettissh is an Eladrin victim of a doppelganger plot, scheduled to make a transaction with the Nexus in an old barn outside Thardis.

Upon delivery of the goods, Rettissh told the Nexus that payment had already been made, and was insistent on receiving the crates that he claimed as his own. Unable to strike a deal with the party, Rettissh attacked, escaping in the Nexus’ cart with half the cargo. His allies include two prisoners of the Nexus; a Gnoll and Tiefling that survived the fight.

It is now generally accepted that these actions were performed by a doppelganger disguised as Rettissh, who succeeded in fooling both the Nexus and Rettissh’s own men. Rettissh was last seen at the headquarters of The Bookhouse Boys, though he appears to have abandoned that establishment with the rest of the company.


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