Owner and operator of The Bookhouse Boys, an import/export business located in Cliffport


Kyr was first encountered by The Nexus in a cave on their way to a bluff outside Winterhaven. After her rescue, Kyr proposed that the party travel with her to Cliffport.

Kyr has connections to Astranth, using the Bookhouse Boys to run treasure seeking operations for the dragon. She also seems to have connections with officials in the city of Cliffport which she uses to dodge the authorities.

Kyr last aided the Nexus in their acquisition of The Archon. In their last encounter, she revealed to Aosid that her connection to the adventurers was straining her balanced business dealings with Astranth, as well as the City Guard. Her current whereabouts are unknown, though she left the Nexus with instructions should they wish to contact her further, telling Aosid that any message left for ‘Lady Verna’ at a certain Cliffport apothecary would reach her ears.


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