Saggitarian Nexus

Wherein Taskar Finds a Girlfriend (Maybe)

Soul-Eater Explosion!

So, after thoroughly destroying [read: exploding into a blinding, inky mess] three of four Dark Ones, and watching a Lady Dragonborn smash a Flaming Skull that the party first thought may have been their wayward magical halfling buddy, the dragon-woman called the party by name and beckoned for them to follow as she ran into a cave. The already-smitten Taskar eagerly ran after her, while Caelyn, Arista, and Prince followed more cautiously. Once inside the cave, the dragon they’d been following appeared in her true form as a Doppleganger and ran around the corner. They followed, only to discover an empty corridor where her tracks ended abruptly before a sealed trapdoor. Prince immediately ran into the next room, and then out again, screaming, sending a fireball over his shoulder for mega-damage.

The rest of the party arrived behind Prince just as a huge Desolator rounded the corner, the female Dragonborn from earlier curled up in his translucent belly. He proceeded to vomit on Arista a horrible digested-soul necrotic slurry. During the ensuing moments, Taskar continually worried aloud about the lovely female whose soul was being devoured and asked the party to help him save her. Caelyn responded by telling the warlord to “keep it in [his] pants,” to which Taskar replied, “it’s too big!” Eventually, the Nexus managed to slay the hideous creature, luckily, just before it killed the lady inside.


Let’s get one thing straight. I said the CAVE was too big to fit in his pants, trying to indicate to Caelyn the dangers of wanton pronoun usage.


Let’s get two things straight. Rirstly, I do *NOT *get paid enough to be made to sit through dragon(born) sex rituals. Take thy date & mate elsewhere.

Second, I will kill you if you make any attempt to remove your pants.


Curious. Because it’s my understanding that any attempt to remove my pants would, in fact, kill you.

Nexus_DM Arista_S

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