Saggitarian Nexus

Session 5

In spite of recent successes, the dungeon looms. First door kicked down: A storeroom. Never mind. Second door: an actual dungeon, iron maiden and all. Crazy folk are given the what for, including an angry, slightly magical hobgoblin who wasn’t actually the boss. The Warlock puts a stop to any attempt at capturing the last goblin, but this prison comes with free captives! Splug joins the party long enough to get out of the cell, then sneaks off while everyone completely failed to pay attention during a rest outside.

With renewed confidence (HP represents a lot of stuff) the Rogue and Warlock sneak into the goblin quarters, rudely planting a knife in the back of another escaped prisoner (do we even remember him?). Goblins swarm the party, who methodically hack their way through the minions (of both hierarchical and stat-block variety) before defeating Balgron the Fat. The last goblin is unceremoniously executed by the Paladin while loot that no one can use is examined.

Everyone stacks up at the crypts. Really, you want to just post your initiatives now? It’s the door to the crypts, and life does has a few guarantees.


Nexus_DM Taskar

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