Saggitarian Nexus

Session 4

After taking a break on the goblinoid mattresses, the three-man, one rogue team cautiously approaches the storeroom, successfully sneaking up on boxes filled with delicious gobliny rations.

An excavation site is found, along with some perturbed worker types with crossbows. Rather than brave the interesting dangers of the scaffold planks, the party bunches the heck up and phalanxes the drakes the death.

Whittled away by the wizard’s once-every-six-seconds magic missiles, the goblins’ high flown terrain advantages prove marginal. One mighty leap brings the warlord face to face with a critically wounded goblin, who is unceremoniously grabbed by the lapels and dangled over the edge, only to be run through by the paladin a moment later. So disturbing does this display prove, that the last goblin quickly aquiesces to the warlord’s call for a yield.

Once in captivity, the prisoner proves… gobliny. Useful information is gleaned! Mostly, that the goblin leader is fat, and that the crypt is full of dead people.

The warlock appears, just in time to hang out for loot distribution. All in all a successful three minutes of dungeoneering. Much rejoicing.


Nexus_DM Taskar

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