Saggitarian Nexus

Session 3

Time expansion at its best! The group is joined by an anatomically extraneous teifling, and they tactically enter the hideout, tactically retreating moments later with two critically wounded teammates.

Trying their luck once more, Irontooth surrounds the party and manages to kill the Paladin before succumbing to horrible death himself. Another retreat. The two functioning casters carefully enter the cave to confront the last remaining kobold, who despite surviving three other encounters is put to rest. Marginally interesting treasure is found.

In town: the warlock bargains for the life and health of his friends while barely restraining the halfling from getting them thoroughly arrested. Deals are struck, and the party heads out to the much touted keep.

Things go well for about twenty feet, until the Paladin falls in a pit full of rats. Goblins come out to laugh at the party, and are summarily executed by a flurry of d10s from the ranger. Cake is served!


Nexus_DM Taskar

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