Saggitarian Nexus

Last Season Summay

The island contained an abandoned creation forge, still running under the oversight of the curiously sentient construct Calmachia. The doppleganger was found and killed in the bowels of the forge, as were two Brelish agents, Jelia and Marus. During a brief visit to Cliffport, Kyr communicated her intent to close the Bookhouse Boys and depart for regions unknown, leaving a parting warning concerning a blue dragon of mutual acquaintance.

The party returned to Sharn in the hopes of finding an authority to deal with the forge, and hit on the King’s Eyes, a pseudo-secret branch of the Brelish government. Jelia was imprisoned for being stupid, among other things, and Marus signed aboard the newly christened Captain’s Pajamas.

The Nexus set out with Shae, an operative of the Eyes, to secure the forge for the Brelish crown. On return, they found that Celeborn and Marus were kidnapped. Investigation led them to believe House Cannith was making its own play for the discovered forge, and two attacks by house personnel in the streets of Sharn solidified suspicions.

The party infiltrated a government tower, finding their friends, but no clues concerning Cannith’s curious behavior. Chased out of the tower by a massive metal construct, the party went underground.

Amid general pandemonium, Shae asked the Nexus to sniff out the one man who would surely have information concerning the odd happenings: Merrix D’Cannith, Mayor of Sharn and One of the candidates for leadership of House Cannith. The party located a sinister lab hidden in the middle of the city, and though the mayor remained elusive, they also found clues concerning the house’s alarming plans.


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