Saggitarian Nexus

Arrival In Cliffport

The Nexus finds city life to be a tad more complicated.

Kyr leads the party to Cliffport, a bustling trade city on the western shore. Feeling obligated to the heroes who recovered her soul, she offers the travelers a place to rest, and a job.

The Nexus is tasked with escorting a cart of goods through known bandit county. True to the warning, the party is attacked while passing through a ruin. Fending off the bandits, they continue to the rendezvous near the small hamlet of Thardis.

The party meets a band of smugglers led by Rettissh, who tells the Nexus that payment for the goods has already been made. The smugglers are insistent on receiving the crates they claim as their own. Unable to strike a deal with the party, Rettissh attacks, escaping in the Nexus’ cart with half the cargo.

During the ensuing battle, a Gnoll and Tiefling are captured, though an interrogation reveals that neither will betray their employer. A quick search of the surrounding countryside leads The Nexus to what appears to be the smuggler’s hideout, though it has been recently looted. Unsure of who to trust, the party makes their way back to Cliffport to search for answers.


Nexus_DM Nexus_DM

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